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    Optical Internet Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is the rapid development of communicationshould be set up high-tech industry needs application-oriented enterprise, the company is committed to fiber optic communications products for the core business of the new distribution and engineering services. At present, enterprises with communication cable, opticalcommunication equipment and Fiber Optic Connector, optical devices as the main selling products. Products widely used in communications networks and telecommunications, militarycommunications network, enterprise network, campus network.

     With our pre-sales consulting, system design, sales, engineering, construction and other aspects of our combined strengths and experience in a wide range of engineering services,according to customer requirements, to provide practical technical solutions and a full range ofcommunications applications.

     Full range of business sales and communication equipment optical communication products.At the same time agents Fujikura, ancient together, help friends, Siemens, Geelong, DVP Fiber Fusion Splicer, the United States CommScope, AMP full range of cabling products. Enterprise-class products, comprehensive services, high-quality marketing team to maintain close contactwith customers, to meet customer demand! ! !

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